Ice Vending Machines

Leer's innovative ice vending machines have modern designs and features that will shape and define the entire ice merchandiser industry for years to come.


  • Alert System: Sends an alert if the door is open, inventory is low, or the box is too warm
  • Anti-Theft: Self-locking doors to prevent against theft
  • Certified: UL Certified, CE Certified, DOE Registered, NSF Approved box upon request
  • Construction: Water-tight lock-form seams for a stronger, more durable cabinet with all steel construction
  • Ease Of Use: Only needs electrical, few moving parts, and little to no maintenance required
  • Made In The USA: Manufactured by Leer’s employee-owners ensuring a personal commitment to quality
  • Unattended: Integrated with credit card readers and cellular communications for remote monitoring
  • Vending: Machine calculates bags removed  based on weight and charges accordingly
  • Warranties: All parts and labor covered by warranty


  • 24/7, unattended, packaged ice vending
  • Low investment costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick ROI potential



AIS's entire inventory is not online yet. We are adding products all of the time, if there is something you are looking for please call or email Automatic ICE™ Systems and talk with one of our sales representatives.

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Model VM40 - Automatic ICE™ Systems - Leer

Model VM40

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VM85 Ice Vending Machine - Automatic ICE™ Systems - Leer

VM85 Ice Vending Machine

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