VM85 Ice Vending Machine


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85 Cubic Feet 

Width: 84” 
Depth: 35.5” 
Height: 76.5” 

• 24/7, unattended, packaged ice vending 
• Low investment costs 
• Low operating costs 
• Low maintenance 
• Quick ROI potential 


  • Alert System: Sends an alert if the door is open, inventory is low, or the box is too warm 
  • Anti-Theft: Self-locking doors to prevent against theft 
  • Certified: UL Certified, CE Certified, DOE Registered, NSF Approved box upon request 
  • Construction: Water-tight lock-form seams for a stronger, more durable cabinet with all steel construction 
  • Ease Of Use: Only needs electrical, few moving parts, and little to no maintenance required 
  • Made In The USA: Manufactured by Leer’s employee-owners ensuring a personal commitment to quality 
  • Unattended: Integrated with credit card readers and cellular communications for remote monitoring 
  • Vending: Machine calculates bags removed  based on weight and charges accordingly 
  • Warranties: All parts and labor covered by warranty 

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